Saturday, 3 July 2010

Clearly Food Kitchen Review

I decided to check this place out after seeing it on the guardians top ten budget places to eat in Sheffield and having not even heard of it I thought I'd give it a go.

Its a really nice little place, quite small with pizzas and a few quiches and hot pots and a few cakes too.

I'm having breakfast and the portobello mushroom, fried egg and roast tomato in a bread cake looks nice so I give it a go.

I sit upstairs and theres coldplay playing, good if you like coldplay..I don't really but this isn't a restaurant choice of music review so yeah back to the food..

The sandwich comes and its huge! I really can't fit it in my mouth so use cutlery, it needs seasoning as it tastes like theres none of it on at all, the bread isn't that good but then again that could be because I have very high standards for bread.

The egg is lovely though, as is the cup of tea I wash it down with.
I choose banana cake for afterwards and its really tasty, I just love banana cake!

I take away a brownie to share with friends which I thought was pretty good, very sweet though with not much real cocoa flavour but good for people with a sweet tooth. My friends had different opinions, some said too sweet and one tells me its from a supplier as he's had the same ones elsewhere which wouldn't surprise me as most places buy their cakes in, in fact I can only think of a couple that don't.

All together its around £7.
Its a nice place to relax in as theres lots of cooking magazines which are my favourite kind.
I'll probably go back again.

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simon said...

good review apart from the comment about the brownies. I can confirm in fact that they are ALL cakes are freshly homemade and the brownies are made using 70% cocoa barry couverture. Highly recommended