Monday, 15 February 2010


Today I decided it was about time to actually eat at bragazzis and not just go inside for coffee, luckily its not full and we can sit down.

The place is like stepping into Italy, theres a tv showing only Italian programmes and theres lots of Italian food you can purchase, the Italian art and the vespa in the corner really adds to the charm.

I've chosen a pecorino, sun dried tomato pesto, olive and baby leaf sandwich and my mum has a buffalo mozzarella, sun dried tomato and basil sandwich.
They are on tasty ciabatta and mines delicious, the strong, tangy sheeps cheese goes very well with the peppery leaves and sweet tomato pesto, its a very good sandwich indeed.
I wash it down with a can of peach ice tea which is so delicious I just love peach ice tea and everytime I go to Europe I drink loads of it

My mums is delicious as well but a little bland in flavour I feel, after eating my pecorino sandwich.
My sister and dad arrive and order more sandwiches, dad has the same as me but my sister has a very nice sandwich of salami, cheese, pesto and courgette.
Hers is toasted as well! I wasn't asked if I'd have liked mine toasted but stealing a bite of hers makes up for that.

Its delicious, she says its the best sandwich shes ever had in her life, theres good service here and its good coffee (not that I drink it but I've been told).

The cranberry and Belgian chocolate tiffin really finishes my meal beautifully and this place deserves 10/10

Along with some little bits from the deli that my mum buys it comes to just under thirty pounds, which is very good and worth it for the quality of food.
I even bought a block of the pecorino which I shall fry later on and have it with a little salad for supper.