Friday, 23 July 2010

Yo! Sushi

I first tried sushi five years ago and really didn't enjoy it but that was back then so tonight I thought I'd give it another go to see if my taste buds have changed.
My friend invited me along to Yo! sushi in meadowhall and I have to admit, I was pretty excited about the idea of just picking your food from a conveyor belt full of different dishes.
My friend warns me that its very easy to get carried away and just keep eating and get a nasty shock when the bill arrives and its £60!

For anyone who has never been the way it works is there are six different colour plates, each is a different price from £1.70 to £5.00 and you just pick the ones you like the look of off the conveyor belt or choose hot dishes from the menu. The waitress counts up your empty plates at the end to work out your bill.

We try many different dishes, its a great place to go if you love to share your food which I do.
I think we tried about 15 different plates all of which I won't list on here but my favourites were the spicy chicken, crispy salmon skin roll, spicy pepper squid, chicken gyoza and the crunchy prawn.
I'm not such a big fan of the thick pieces of raw fish which is why I was pleased to see that they had so many other dishes to offer.

The food was delicious. Theres pickled ginger and wasabi for free as well as your own tap for still or sparkling water so you can help yourself to these, theres also a button for you to call the waiting staff with.
I have rediscovered sushi and Japanese food and I am a fan, such fresh clean flavours that leave you satisfied but not bloated. Hard to believe its a chain restaurant.

I had a voucher for a third off for registering on the website and our bill for three of us came to just under £40!
So if you are in meadowhall be sure to give this place a try for something different, fun and delicious.


bankier said...

Nice blog...good luck and have a nice day :-)


Anonymous said...

I last visited Yo Sushi about a year ago and the food was so poor I complained. They're very reactive to complaints about specific dishes when you pay and usually just remove the dish from the bill, but sadly their response to my complaint that the whole meal was terrible was to offer me a free meal. No thanks.
I.e. I wouldn't eat there for free. It's so bad. Or rather it was one year ago.

The Yard Bard said...

I was so delighted with my first taste of sushi that I bought a number of "how-to" books on the subject. Since my husband doesn't share my enthusiasm, I can have it all to myself! ;)