Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Hong Kong Wok

I noticed this new place now open where the Vietnamese noodle bar used to be on London road and thought I'd give it a try.
The inside is nicely decorated with wooden floors and a picture of what I'm guessing is the honk kong skyline.

The prices are average and the menu is pretty much identical to the noodle inn which is a few doors down so I go for what I always choose when dining at the noodle inn which is honey ribs.

I also choose aubergine tempura and my friend chooses chicken with crispy fried noodles.

The food arrives pretty quickly and the ribs are a disappointment, not as good as the ones from noodle inn.

The meat isn't as soft and there isn't as much of it.
My friend however, really likes them.

The aubergine tempura is really tasty, very light, crispy batter encasing a soft fluffy slice of aubergine served with a delicious black bean dip.

The chicken is very bland with no sauce just a few vegetables for company sitting on a bed of plain noodles which quickly go soggy from the juices. So a bit of a disappointment there with the exception of the aubergine which was lovely, don't think I'll be going here again.

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