Thursday, 3 June 2010

Sheffield Food Festival

Cheesecake stall -
I bought a grapefruit cheesecake which was lovely and not as sour as I'd expected

I bought a few pork scratchings from here which seemed like a good idea whilst I was sipping moonshine but after putting a piece in my mouth with stubble on I quickly changed my mind.

Posing with the bakery boys.

The students from my college

Amazing watermelon art by aagrah.

The fountains.

When I first heard about the Sheffield food festival I begged my boss to let me have time off so I could go and check it out but since three other staff were having time off I was needed in the cafe.

But! Luckily for me, the boys who were doing our bakery stall were going down to the peace gardens with some bread and flyer's and my boss said I could go along as well! I was happy and went down handed out some flyer's and then bought a lovely pint of moonshine and relaxed in the wonderful sunshine.

I had a wander around and saw a student who was in my class at college and a tutor doing a demo in the chefs demonstration area and watched for a few minutes. I also got lots of yummy tasters and saw my auntie and niece who i spent some time with, my niece was enjoying cooling herself off by running through the fountains along with the 50 or so other children who were doing the same.

I took a few photos, bought some delicious squid from the wagamama stall where the guy was admiring my totoro purse and had another moonshine and a piece of cheesecake before heading to the playground with my niece and playing on the swings etc before heading home.

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