Wednesday, 21 July 2010


...The best full English in Sheffield?

My friend recommended this place to me for their full English breakfasts so I had to go try it.
We step inside and its very cosy. A traditional pub with friendly chatty staff, old photographs on the walls, newspapers, fireplace and dixie chicks quietly playing on the cd player.

The blackboard menu has some very tasty food at great prices most of which are 5.50 including ploughmans lunch, monkfish in bacon and a very impressive looking steak pie that I caught a glimpse of someone eating.
The most expensive item is the rib eye steak at 8.50 now that aint bad at all!

We both order the English breakfast and I decide against chips which I'm sure would have been lovely but a bit too much.
I also order a mug of tea and an orange juice.

The food arrives and its wonderful. A salty tasty mushroom, smoked bacon, proper porky sausages with sage, a grilled tomato, lovely beans, rich, peppery black pudding, brown bread toasted AND fried and a perfectly cooked egg to top it all off.

It was exactly how all full English breakfasts should be, home made and delicious!
I couldn't manage all of it and after stuffing myself I was ready for a kip.
I wish this place wasn't so out of town because it has a lovely selection of ales and ciders too as well as being so welcoming and comfortable but this definitely won't be my last visit.


foodie said...

I'm writing a piece on local food bloggers for The Star. can you call on 0114 252 1302?
Martin Dawes

Anonymous said...

The best full English in Sheffield is at Clearly Food Kitchen on Howard Street (@CFKitchen). It's delicious and surprisingly not too bad for you. Honestly just utterly marvellous.

I will of course be trying Fagans to compare and contrast!

sweet-komal said...

I have been to clearly food kitchen, only had a mushrooms and egg sandwich thing but it was nice. I'll have to go again sometime!