Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Amigos Mexican Kitchen Review

Many times I've walked past what used to be
Bohans Irish kitchen on London road and wondered what if anything is going to open next...but not this time as I noticed that its now Amigos, a Mexican kitchen serving traditional Mexican food, cakes and illy coffee.

Being a fan of Mexican food I just have to try this place. Luckily for me its just a few minutes away from my favourite pub as well so after a quick drink in the pub its a short walk up to Amigos to sample the food.

You may remember me mentioning the
Mexican food I had at Sharrow festival which I thoroughly enjoyed, well this is the place! So I had high hopes.

The menu has classic
Mexican dishes including burritos, tacos, enchiladas and nachos as well as a few cakes and some breakfast items too. Its all very reasonably priced with the most chilli con carne being one of the most expensive items at £4.25 and that's served with sour cream, rice and nachos.

I go for a roasted vegetable
quesadilla whilst my friend opts for a chicken mole burrito. The food arrives and is well presented, we also get 4 dips - sour cream, guacamole, salsa and tomatillo sauce.

Without any hesitation we tuck in. I love the crunchy outside of the
quesadilla and the delicious filling with the melted cheese and flavourful roasted vegetables with a hint of spice. My friend enjoys her burrito which is jam packed with tasty filling but is somehow managing not to collapse.

The tortilla crisps are also very good as are the sauces, the fresh tomato salsa being exceptionally good with its fresh coriander.

'Let me know if you want any more sauces', says the friendly waiter. We ask for another guacamole and he brings us one at no extra cost.

I have a chat with the owner and find hes been pretty busy which I'm not surprised by as
Sheffield was in desperate need of a good Mexican cafe and this little place really hits the spot.
He also tells me he'll soon be doing delivery and also a lot of festivals too.
We take a couple of oaty raisin biscuits each and he informs us they are made by his wife at home. All together the bill comes to £4.25 each.

Being this close to my favourite pub and on my way home from work as well as such good value this will
definitely not be my last visit! Another wonderful eatery to add to the amazing selection available on London road.


Arshad H. Siddiqui said...

I loved Chicken Mole they served...its a gastronomic delight !

do try it when you visit Amigos next time :)

Saul Duque Lopez said...

I'll have to try the mole and check if it's good. I should know, I'm mexican!

And on that matter, they should correct that sign as it is "chipotle", not "chipolate".

Also (pedant alert), burritos are more tex-mex than mexican (although they are from tijuana). Nachos and chili are 100% american, not mexican food. Nice to see rajas con crema, though.

Marcos GarcĂ­a said...

I'm so glad Saul made it clear about real mexican food :) Mexican food is great but burritos, chili and nachos are not really the most mexican dishes you can get.