Thursday, 16 September 2010

Free Fruit!

This month I have been taking advantage of all the wonderful fruits nature has to offer...and best of all they are free! I've braved brambles for fresh juicy blackberries all for the price of a few scratches. I've picked the tastiest plums from my grans back garden as well as lots of delicious apples and pears. I even took a few photos for you lovely people.

(seen outside a neighbours house - free cooking apples!)

If you are interested in picking free fruit of your own and learning more then go here to read about Abundance.
"Abundance is a project to harvest the seasonal glut of local fruit like apples, pear and plums. Each year hundreds of fruit trees go unpicked either because people don’t notice them, may not be physically able to harvest them or there are just too many fruits at one time. Abundance is a team of volunteers who have been helping harvest city fruit and redistributing the surplus to the community on a non-profit basis - to community cafes, nurseries, Surestarts and individuals."

Sunday, 5 September 2010


When the lovely ladies from Fancie invited me and two friends down for some tea and cake we just couldn't refuse.
I have seen Fancie cupcakes all around Sheffield, they did a stall at the food festival and I used to see them a year or so ago at vintage clothes fairs as well, they are pretty popular!

We go inside and are greeted by two very smiley members of staff and a huge pile of beautifully decorated cupcakes. All of them different colours, flavours and sizes. They even do gluten free cakes. They have a few specials of the day that half of the profits from selling go to the Macmillan cancer charity.

The decoration is very dolls house-esque, very dainty with doilies and delicate china plates and tea cups.
I'm delighted that they stock tea pig teas and I choose rooibos creme caramel tea which one of the smiley cupcake ladies tells me is her favourite. It doesn't disappoint!

After much decision I finally decide on the chocolate cherry cupcake with sour cream frosting from the specials of the day. My friends choose lemon and snickerlicious.
I try some of my cake and it is very good. The sour cherries in the cake mean the whole thing isn't too sickly sweet and compliment the chocolate as does the sour cream frosting.
I try some of the snickerlicious and its very sweet I don't think I could manage more than two mouthfuls of that! I'm very happy I chose mine.

So that's another wonderful shop to be found on and around ecclesall road I'll definitely be back when I'm in the area for a cup of lovely tea and another tasty cupcake...