Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wasabisabi's 7th Birthday Party!

Last night I attended Wasabisabi's 7
th birthday party, and what a great night it was!

I saw many familiar faces, and lots of new ones including Claire from the blog “Love to live to eat”.
It's always nice to meet fellow bloggers.

The place quickly filled up and I handed in my token for a free glass of wine which they filled nearly to the brim of a huge glass!

The d├ęcor of Wasabisabi is very typical of a sushi restaurant. It has a small water-lilly stream and waterfall in the corner, and nets with an abundance of paper fish dangling above our heads. This is topped off with a huge wooden boat, of which they also have smaller replicas on which they serve the sushi.
The dining area in Wasabisabi consists of a seating area down a couple of steps and a teppanyaki area up another few steps.

After another glass of wine I realised I needed to eat something soon as it was going straight to my head! Talk about cheap date!

I didn't have to worry about not getting enough food at all as the treats kept on coming and the next was huge tempura prawns that were spot on perfection.

I wandered up to the teppanyaki area and was told they would be starting in 10 minutes so I found a great spot and watched as the chefs did there stuff. They were very impressive with their juggling and knife skills. The prawns were the nicest prawns I have ever eaten in my life! I want to know what was in those metal canisters he was juggling about so much.

Next they cooked chicken and beef, and to be honest I was full - so I moved on to chat with some more people before leaving. I was shown a few tricks by my magician friend Ben who was there as well.

All in all it was a fantastic party! There was a really nice mix of people there which created a great atmosphere. Happy birthday Wasabisabi!


jwt said...

Have you ever tried Hakarl?

As well as being food, it is also a track by techno band Simian Mobile Disco.

Clare said...

Hey Komal. It was good to see you there. Good night wasn't it? I've never seen the teppanyaki chefs at work before and I thought they were pretty amazing! On a different note do you have a website for Ben, the magician?

sweet-komal said...

It was great yeah I really enjoyed myself!
Bens site is here