Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Cake 'R' Us Chinese Bakery

My favourite cake shop!

I love this place. It makes me feel happy and excited from the moment I step through the door! This is partly due to all the colourful cakes and decorations. I also love admiring all the interesting flavour combinations such as pineapple and red bean, roast pork or salted egg puff.

I have tried the roast pork bun before, and it was an interesting mix of sweet and salty which I can't say I'm too keen on myself, but hey they have plenty of other cakes for me to choose from, so that’s why its still number one!

I love the tiramisu, black forest, chocolate truffle, egg tart and fried dough stick.
They are also incredibly light and fluffy too.

I'm off to a cheese fondue party tonight and bought some cakes specially for the occasion.
I got two tiramisus, a black forest slice and a mango cake...yum yum!

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