Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Sushi Express Restaurant Review

I was flicking through the Sheffield magazine 'Toast' and at the back was a voucher for two free salmon nigiri at the new Japanese restaurant - Sushi Express.
I love sushi, and free stuff, so now all I had to do was find this place and claim my free food!
This was harder than I expected and the little map on the coupon wasn't much help but after nearly 30 minutes of searching I finally found it just down the round from DQ.

The first thing I saw when I entered was shelves containing strange Japanese snacks such as squid flavoured peanuts and various pocky.
Staff wearing too-big shirts covered in seashells greet me, and take me past the colourful snacks into the dining area.

I was pleased to see full colour photos of each dish on the menu - A bad sign in western style restaurants but good in places such as this.
I chose my favourite - Unagi Maki, some miso soup, tofu skin and my free roast salmon nigiri.

The miso soup wasn't hot which is a shame as it was pretty chilly outside but the hot green tea was, thankfully.
The sushi arrived shortly after and was well presented.
The salmon was still very rare, lightly roasted and very delicate. It was drizzled with a sweet yellow sauce.
The Unagi (eel) was great! Fresh with crunchy strips of cucumber.

I was surprised by the tofu skin. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was a sort of tofu skin pocket with rice inside. The skin itself was quite sweet and dough-nutty.
I ate the rice separately, dipping it in the wasabi.
Only suddenly I realize I was a bit over enthusiastic with the wasabi and I felt the burn all the way up into my brain it was very intense!

I finished my last salmon nigiri by dropping the rice from under it. Still clutching the salmon with my chopsticks I watched as the rice bounced off my table and onto the floor.
I turned around and the waitress was looking at me with the sort of polite smile that said "relax I have seen this many times before". I was rather embarrassed none the less.

I then ordered a Dragon roll. I was unsure about it but it did have a chef recommends star next to it so I decided to try something new.
Turns out to be a prawn maki with added tiny fish roe and a juicy tempura prawn that's shaped so it looks like a dragon - Very cute!
The prawns were slightly warm, whether that is a good thing or not I do not know.

The bill comes to £13. I like this place and I'll definitely go back when I'm in the mood for a sushi lunch.

Food - 7/10
Value - 7/10
Service - 10/10

I will be doing marks out of 10 for places now! If I remember that is..

Thanks for reading!


Jamie Jan said...

Thanks for the review..I shall head there soon!

Clare said...

Oooo, I saw a promotional review for this place recently but didn't know where it was. Given it's only 10 mins from our flat and seems to be reasonably priced, I'll try it one day. Good to get another sushi place in town. Sakushi just doesn't really do it for me atmosphere wise.

sweet-komal said...

I've not tried sakushi where abouts is it?

Gary said...

haha i can't read unagi without thinking of the friends episode.

gonna have to check this place out, the food looks good.

Clare said...

Sakushi is on Campo Lane - just across the way fromt he Wig and Pen. It's good for take away, I've never had an issue with the food, but the atmosphere in the restaurant can be a bit dull.