Saturday, 17 April 2010

Noodle Inn

Last night I went to see Seth Lakeman at plug. I'd never heard of him but my friend asked me to go with him and he's into him so I tagged along, turned out to be really good actually and afterwards we went to noodle inn on London road for some supper.

I wasn't planning on blogging this place at all as I was pretty tired and didn't think it would be that good to be honest but it was very very good!
We got there at about 10 o clock and it was pretty full but they found us a table and we sat and ordered food.
They are famous for their noodles here as the name suggests with the names and descriptions of the different noodles on a sign on the wall, its decoration is very modern with a large fish tank and a wide screen tv showing a Chinese programme. the tiny kitchen door keeps swinging open as the waiting staff run back and forth and theres only 3 chefs in there with a few ducks hanging by the ceiling for company.

I don't want noodles tonight though so I opt for honey ribs and crab and sweet corn soup whilst my friend chooses schezuan beef, salt and pepper king prawns and some egg fried rice.

I pick up a rib and place it in my mouth. my guest does the same and our faces are both of extreme pleasure because these are simply delicious, a crispy outside with soft tasty pork inside all coated in a thick honey sauce.

The prawns are also tasty and very fresh with a light crispy coating and a generous helping of chillis sprinkled on top.

The beef is ok, very tomato-ey with not much depth.
My soup is bland until I add some soy sauce then its delicious with little chunks of prawn and crab and sweetcorn.

We finish out food and I go to wash my hands in the toilet and am totally stunned! This is the coolest toilet I have ever seen! Its huge, theres mirrors on two walls that are as big as the wall. The paint is black and theres a led flashing light of hello kitty on the ceiling, a wide screen tv on the other wall and then a Chinese toilet like the one in that episode of the simpsons with all the little buttons etc.

I sit down and try the buttons, they don't work and I'm slightly disappointed but still amazed by this super cool lavatory.
I go back and join my friend.
Theres a scoop of free ice cream waiting for me which makes me even happier and we ask for the bill.
It comes to £20.60!!!!

This amazes me, very cheap and I leave very happy.
Best Chinese food in Sheffield, great end to a great night for me! Oh and I didn't take any photos of the food but here are some of the amazing bathroom! - Sorry for poor quality, taken using my phone.

The ceiling

the toilet buttons

distressed looking lady on the tv


Free ice cream!


More photos!

the view from the outside

Lovely honey ribs!


Mr Lonely said...

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puiyee said...

Noodle inn once was my 'local'...but after one too many rude service (once booked 7pm for a group of 8, walked in and they said I said 7.30pm...then we weren't seated til 8.15pm) ....and awfully greasy food, we gave Pho 68 across the road a try, and never turned back since!

It's just so much more elegant and the staff are amazing and the food is fantastic.

sweet-komal said...

I have tried pho 68 and it was lovely but its just those honey ribs are very addictive!

I've just come back from china so I'll be looking for more authentic food from now on because its amazing the food out there just delicious!