Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Blue Moon Cafe

Ah the blue moon cafe, it was my favourite place to eat a few years ago when I was a vegan/vegetarian.
I remember it as being very good so decided to give it another visit.

Its a beautiful building with loads of light shining through. Theres art on the walls and about 1 million little flyers and postcards on the noticeboard varying from 'have you seen my cat?' to advertisements for yoga classes and also one asking anyone if they know who killed their mother which I find kind of strange but fascinating to read through some of them.

It smells quite a bit of patchouli but I suspect thats from the vast majority of the diners being hippies. I walk in a bit more and smell delicious food. I'm getting hungry!

I look at the menu and it has dishes such as pea soup (gluten free and vegan), aubergine and chickpea bake (vegan) cauliflower, cheese and brown rice bake, hommity pie, a couple of quiches and something with sweet potato.

It all looks and smells delicious. I choose the cauliflower dish and ask for some salads to accompany it aswell as a hot chocolate and a orangey chocolatey slice thing.

It tastes good! It is seasoned well although quite heavy on the cumin but luckily for me I love cumin! The salads -cous cous, rice and peas, lettuce and tomato- are all good, the rice and cous cous also being heavy on the cumin but it doesn't distract too much from any of the other flavours.
Its a good meal. I feel full but not bloated.

I sip some of the hot chocolate and taste some of the chocolate slice. Its very very sweet. I think because its vegan they have compensated for the lack of tasty dairyness by adding bucketloads of sugar. I can't manage it all but I'm sure someone with a sweet tooth would love it.

Altogether my bill comes to just under £10 which isn't too bad, I'll go again but there are other places in town that would definately give blue moon a run for its money.

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