Saturday, 10 April 2010

Heeley City Farm Cafe

To celebrate this wonderful weather we've been having in Sheffield recently I decided to go to heeley city farm with my mum, sister and best friend.

It was lovely and sunny and we saw many different animals including a peacock, goats, chickens and pigs.

After all this stroking goats and staring at the sleeping pigs waiting for them to do something other than be asleep we decide its time for lunch and stroll on into their newish cafe on site.

Theres a variety of extremely reasonably priced foods, all vegetarian and vegan such as sandwiches, flans, potatoes, soup, salads etc.
I order a baked potato with cheese and three salads, an organic cola and an innocent smoothie for my sister. It comes to an astonishing £4.25.

My friend orders an onion tart with salad. It arrives and its delicious, the salads are very fresh tasting, the rocket being grown on farm and the beetroot with sunflower seeds particularly delicious and the cous cous is not too clumpy or dry, perfectly cooked.

My sister eyes up my potato and decides to spend her pocket money and order one with beans. It's only £1.50 and is a decent sized spud with lots of nice looking beans and a salad garnish, great value for money and she says its very yummy.

For afters I order a piece of apple cake which is absolutely gorgeous, so moist and tender with cinnamon, which I usually detest but in this case I found to be very tasty and complimented the apple beautifully.

This place is very cheap and does tasty food.
They also sell herbs and fresh eggs from the chickens, so if you are ever in the area between 9:15 and 4 (the opening hours) be sure to pop by!
They also sell herbs and fresh eggs from the chickens

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