Sunday, 17 January 2010

Yabba Caribbean Food

After sampling various pickles and jams that yabba make and sell at festivals and other markets and enjoying them I decide to check out there newish cafe to see what its like.

The decor is really cute, bright colours everywhere and paintings of Jamaican people and festivals and sunsets. Theres the jams and pickles and chilli sauces for you to sample and add to your food and a tasty looking menu.

I go for ackee and saltfish in a tortilla wrap, its ok theres some good chunks of ackee but the overall texture is a bit too sloppy,I wouldn't have preferred it drier and I don't see any fish at all although I can taste it.

My mum goes for creole chicken with rice and peas and callaloo and cabbage, her chicken tastes delicious and I steal lots of it, its really well cooked and very moist.

I have a cup of milo which is sort of like hot chocolate but with vitamins and is Jamaica's national drink the friendly waitress tells me.

We leave very stuffed and the food is ok, not as good as the Caribbean food that I had at the earl though, I'm going to have a try and creating my own ackee and salt fish with rice and peas and if I'm successful I'll let you know!

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Neil said...

Hi there. What is "the earl"?