Thursday, 7 January 2010

Thyme Restaurant, Broomhill, Sheffield.

This lunchtime I decided to try out this restaurant as I've been wanting to go in for so long but never had the opportunity.
I get there at half one and its nearly full, there is blackboards on the walls with the different food items available and it all looks delicious.
Its mostly British with a bit of Italian such as bruschetta and risotto.
Me and my mum sit down and order some hot drinks as its bloody freezing outside! Hot chocolate and a cappuccino, our favourites.

I'm deciding what to choose whilst nibbling a few delicious mixed olives, they're tangy and with a kick of chilli and a few slivers of roasted peppers and thyme.
There is so many choices, from chicken and mushroom pie with mustard mash to shell on king prawns with dips, the most expensive item is 28 day matured rump steak which is

I decide on szechuan confit duck leg with roast sweet potato and pak choi.
It arrives after about 10 minutes and looks beautiful on the plate, such clean presentation and its cooked to perfection, crispy golden skin with just the right amount of fat with hints of spice and honey, meltingly soft flesh which requires no knife.
The sweet potato adds a welcome contrast to the rich meat and the crunch of the pak choi adds some texture too. Theres slivers of carrot which add colour, all adding up to a very delicious dish, very good for

I finish my meal with a slice of tiffin,
£2, its packed full of exotic fruits and nuts, crunchy biscuits and a thick rich chocolate layer on top. An excellent finish to a wonderful meal. This won't be my last visit!


Ann said...

sounds like a nice restaurant. the duck looks appetizing and the tiffin looks like a chocolate hedgehog

Sarah said...

Nom Nom Nom I want to go, When i have moneies we should go

sweet-komal said...

that was the other day when I texted you, its so tasty yeah we should definately go