Monday, 11 January 2010

Jabu Fondue and Dumpling House

Last night I went to Jabu in Sheffield and it was awesome, a totally different eating experience!

I arrived and the waitress asked me to choose from some dumplings to start, I chose lamb and coriander and they were delicious, I had it with a little bit too much of the chilli sauce and it was so spicy! After a few sips of my san miguel I was able to eat the rest of them. They are beautifully tender with good quality lamb and loads of juices which dribbled over my chin and down my chopsticks onto my fingers, I got very dirty hands here which is great if you don't mind getting stuck in.

Next we got given a little menu and ticked off the food that we wanted.
There was loads of different meats, seafood and vegetables and those were served with a huge bowl of your chosen stock. We chose satay and then chinese herbs, the bowl was split into two sections and placed on an induction hob and bubbled away ready for you to place your ingredients into.

We got some crispy pig skin as a side nibble (not to dip in the stock!), thinly sliced beef shin, whole crab, chinese lettuce, corn, beansprouts, wontons and noodles.
It was all very tasty and I loved the pig skin and the beef was very tender.
The crab was a bit of a challenge, and I struggled to crack into the claws for the tasty white meat, shell flying all over, much to the amusement of the chinese couple sat opposite me!

After stuffing our faces and making a total mess of the table and our faces and fingers we couldn't eat anymore. The place was great and I'd definitely come back. The only bad thing about it were the toilets which were the worst I've ever seen!

Oh and I got a new camera for christmas so all the photos are much better quality now, click for bigger pictures if you want.


Darren said...

That's made me insanely hungry!

sweet-komal said...

it was delicious! ^_^

Amy @ said...

That looks so amazing!

Christine said...

The dumplings and hot pot looks pretty tasty! When I eat juicy dumplings, I usually take a small bite out of one side and then pour out most of the juices onto my spoon. I avoid the dumpling exploding on me, by doing it this way. Try it next time, so that you don't lose all the tasty juices!

sweet-komal said...

that is a good idea christine!