Sunday, 14 March 2010

Yuen Shan

I was sitting in the pub with my friend drinking rum when we both realised we were getting rather hungry.

I remembered this place having visited there about 6 months ago and it being really good so I suggested we go visit.
It was only two doors down from the pub that we were in so we didn't have far to go.

We arrive and its full. Most of the customers are Chinese which is always a good sign when you're dining in a Chinese restaurant.
After waiting for about 5 minutes we are seated to our tables and are given the menu.

Its all you can eat for £11.99, its not a buffet as the food is cooked fresh to order but you just keep on ordering dishes until you can't eat any more.
You choose your dishes, write down the number on a piece of paper and hand it to the waiter.

There is free prawn crackers and green tea.
I'm not too keen on prawn crackers but my friend says they're the best ones he's ever had and I'm so hungry I eat a few anyway.
We also order some wine and it comes with an ice bucket.

Our food arrives soon and there is crispy wontons first which are mainly pastry with a tiny bit of prawn in the middle so we weren't too impressed by them.

Next is beef in satay sauce and thats tasty, can't taste any peanuts though but its still good nonetheless.

Malaysian lamb is next and arrives with pancakes, cucumber, hoi sin sauce and leeks, like crispy duck is normally served but with lamb instead.
I prefer the lamb to duck because its very sweet and not as fatty as duck.

Shredded crispy chicken is basically strips of chicken skin that has been coated in a batter, deep fried and then covered in a very sweet sticky sauce. It tastes good but is very hard. This is the one we end up leaving the most of.

The spare ribs in chilli sauce however are very delicious, slow cooked pork so that it just falls off the bone. My friend realised this as he picked up a piece by the bone and it the meat just slid off and fell into the hoi sin sauce!

We're pretty stuffed but choose one more dish when the waiter returns - salt and pepper ribs which would be really tasty if they weren't so incredibly salty.

Stuffed, we force as much food down us as we can and ask for the bill which is around £32 so we leave £36. Good value food that is quite tasty.
I'll probably return when I fancy lots of tasty Chinese food for only £11.99.


sarah said...

I want to go there !

whatrhymeswithrosie said...

Remember when you were a vegan? Hehehe...

sweet-komal said...

yeah I do!
I was vegan for nearly a year, pretty hard to forget that.
I've considered going back to being vegetarian again to be honest