Thursday, 5 August 2010

Cocoa - The Most Gorgeous Chocolate Shop Ever!

Today me and my sister went into the amazing cocoa on ecclesall road.
I don't often make the journey up there as its pretty far from where I live but when I do I make sure I pay this lovely shop a visit.

It's so beautiful inside with 3 different rooms that I saw.

The first room you step into is filled with the best chocolate in the world, shelves stacked high with goodies and walls lined with jars full of the magical stuff.
The lovely lady hidden behind this pile of sweet stuff was kind enough to let me take some photos and so I did but the shop is even more beautiful when you see it for yourself.

We entered the second room and it's like a dining room of a dolls house with teapots, pastel coloured things and chairs and hot chocolate and other drinks so you can have a nice sit down.
The third room upstairs was heavenly. Stunning cushions atop wooden benches, curtains draped across the ceiling and a shelf with more lovely things to buy.

We went back downstairs and I treated myself to some of the gorgeous and rich rococo chocolate and another beautifully wrapped bar and my little sister chose a few cute little chocolates from another shelf.

I pick up a leaflet that informs me of their very tempting chocolate tasting evenings..!
They also have a book club too which is a great idea! If only I lived closer!

(Sweeties and chocolate)

(Jars and jars of the stuff)

(The lovely lady behind some hand made chocolates)

(The tea room)

(Rococo chocolate)



(My 12 year old sister tells me she wants to live here)



(My sisters chocolates)

(My treats)


Cocoa- Chocolate Wonderland said...

Awwww thank you sweet lady for writing such lovely things about us! We are thrilled to bits you enjoyed your time in the wonderland that is Cocoa!! Will look forward to seeing you again sometime soon, lots of love and chocolate from Cocoa xxx

Victoria said...

I visited for the first time recently and loved it! It's such a great place.x