Sunday, 6 December 2009

Manchester Christmas Markets

So today I got up bright and early and headed to the train station to get on the 10:10am train to manchester. There's awesome christmas markets happening and I just had to go check it out due to the total dissapointment of the one we currently have in sheffield, I mean theres like 6 stalls and they're all german so not much vartiation going on there either.
So yeah I get into manchester and luckily I already know my way around having practically lived there a few years back, I find the markets and they are amazing!
Well worth the
£15.70 train fare.

Theres jewellery stalls, hats, pickles, candy, cheese, meat, mulled wine, spanish, french, german and british cuisine and the smells are just wonderful. I take a look around first, taking a few photos here and there and eventually the aromas are too tempting and I decide on paella for lunch. Theres chicken, squid, mussels and prawn and its delicious and very filling, I leave half and head to another stall and buy a slice of french flan, its sweet and custardy and hits the spot.

This stall also has loads of tasty and smelly cheese, I buy 5 diff
erent varieties including blue, goat and vacherin aswell which I have been meaning to try for a while. I look around the others and buy some salami (7 pieces) some jewellery and some very moreish sugared cashew nuts.

Theres beautiful christmas decorations, carol singers, free tasters and merry people sipping at their hot mulled wine. Anyone who complains about hating christmas would change their mind in an instant after visiting this place and its got
me feeling very jolly and festive indeed.

After looking around all the stalls I go to h&m, primark, topshop and buy various clothes including 3 pairs of thick wooly tights (black, grey and cream) 2 jerseys, some jeggings and a beautiful floral scarf, oh and I also went to the amazing hotel chocolat, they have the best chocolate I have ever tasted, very very good.

When my massive bagpack got too full I decide its time to head home.

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