Friday, 24 October 2014

Support Sheffield Independents #1 - Filthy Gorgeous

Whenever I have a friend visiting Sheffield, I can't wait to show them the hidden gems of my home town. From quirky bookshop cafés to Chinese grocery stores where you can buy fresh live lobster or tiny and potent bottles of ginseng.
Our city is full of independent shops, bars, cafés and restaurants that stand out.
Forget about your soulless restaurant chains and massive supermarkets with rows of processed food, combined with staff who have no passion for the produce.
Why go to those when you can save money in a local independent establishment? Did you know that For every £1 spent locally around 50p - 70p of that money recirculates back into the local economy. For the same £1 spent out of town or online only 5p goes back to the local community. With this in mind, I'm going to do a regular feature whereby I share with you my favourite independents in Sheffield.

I'm starting with my local health food shop - Filthy Gorgeous (Abbeydale road).
Angela the owner, is knowledgeable about all her products and health in general. If you follow Filthy Gorgeous on twitter or Facebook you can find recipes and interesting health related articles.

One thing that sets the shop apart from other nutritional grocery stores is the wine selection.
Every wine is organic and most free of sulphites, which some day can lead to headaches and other health problems.

I tasted the Familia Cecchin Malbec and it was really great, rich and delicious.

But my favourite thing she sells, which I've not seen anywhere else is the raw salted date caramel chocolate bars by coco caravan (a small organic company in Wales).
They have no refined sugar and are vegan, which makes them a perfect guilt free treat.

Tomorrow I hear she's doing free tasters of her gluten free range from 12pm. Why not go say hi and support your friendly local independent!