Thursday, 8 May 2014

Eating healthy in Sheffield - How and Where

I eat out a fair amount and whilst it's best to prepare and cook food for yourself at home, a meal out every couple of weeks won't have a negative impact on your health as long as you make the right choices.

Here are five tips to help you make healthy choices.
  1. Avoid bread, this empty carbohydrate will only cause you to feel bloated and has no nutritional value, whilst you are perusing the menu, nibble on olives instead.
  2. Think about whether or not you really need a starter as well as a main. Having a large glass of water before your meal will prevent overeating.
  3. Good drink choices include green or jasmine tea, water with lemon or dry white wine. Beer and coke are full of calories and will lead to unhealthy fat around the abdomen aka a "beer belly".
  4. If you are in a Chinese restaurant, avoid sweet and sour sauces, egg fried rice and deep fried anything! A light soup followed by kung pow chicken or steamed prawn and vegetables with plain rice would be a good option.
  5. If it's Italian you've chosen, avoid creamy sauces and fill half your plate with steamed vegetables or a fresh green salad. Better still, order something besides pasta. Grilled chicken or fish with potatoes and tomato sauce for example.

Top picks for healthy eating out in Sheffield:

Sharrow Marrow 

Not only is this an amazing green grocers but now boasts a lovely little cafe with Ottolenghi type dishes such as Sri Lankan beetroot curry and Asian broccoli rice noodle salad.

Pure on Raw   

My favourite restaurant because even with my dietary restrictions I can still eat dessert. My favourite is their apricot cheesecake with clementine ice cream. Their lavender ice cream is also incredible and a must try. The desserts are made from blended soaked cashew nuts and agave nectar - a natural low GL sweetener.

New Roots

Gets a mention for the pedal powered smoothies and wholesome snacks. The staff are super friendly too. Their healthy raw chocolate fudge is amazing.

Fusion Organic Cafe 

 I did used to work here so maybe I'm biased but this place deserves a recommendation for their use of organic local and seasonal vegetables and the wholesome learning experiences they offer for the students of freeman college. Teaching there was very rewarding. Try their salad platter and you get to taste exotic vegetables such as kohl rabi, salsify and cavelo nero.

Happy Cook 

My favourite hot pot haunt. Can't get much healthier than a simmering pan of stock in which you place raw ingredients! My favourite is the red thai stock and then I add loads of fish, prawns, lotus root, pak choi, mushrooms and whatever else I fancy then top with fresh coriander and chopped nuts and spring onions. If hotpot ain't your cup of tea then you can grill your fresh ingredients as shown above.

Little Hanoi 

 They have gorgeous summer spring rolls here, very fresh and clean. have these plus one of their wholesome salads and a glass of carrot juice to perk you up and make you feel great.


 These guys do amazing teppanyaki. Sashimi is a great option for those wanting to make healthier food choices. Go easy on sushi as the white rice is just another empty carb and can cause spikes in your blood sugar levels, leading to weight gain.


 Yes the falafel is deep fried so maybe don't make this a daily option! They get a mention for the vast array of colourful salads they cram into the box. Avoid a wrap and instead opt for a box with every salad plus healthy tahini sauce on top.

Saigon 68 

Great for big bowls of impossible to finish soup. Order glass noodles made from mung bean starch for extra protein. Chilli speeds up your metabolism so don't hold back on the sriracha!

Flurt Froyo

For those wanting a sweet treat then frozen yoghurt is a perfect option. Fat free and a good source of protein, just choose your toppings wisely. Fresh berries and nuts/seeds are perfect and a few dark chocolate curls are also a good option as cocoa is full of antioxidants and flavanoids (basically it does good things to your body as well as make you feel good).

The Rude Shipyard 
My favourite cafe. The friendly staff do their best to cater for every dietary need and always have fresh dishes plus nutritious salads on offer. Their hummus is amazing and the tea selection is very good.

So there you have my updated list of top healthy picks in Sheffield. Let me know your favourites. I'd love to hear them!