Monday, 4 March 2013

Khushis Restaurant Review

Tucked away amongst a variety of Middle eastern take-aways, supermarkets and salons lives Khushi. The rather unattractive sign outside states it to be a grill restaurant and this could deter most people, as it did me as I often cycled past, peering in at the hordes of moustached middle aged Asian men. Another sign hanging on the railing mentions their all you can eat buffet for £7.85. This is what I'm talking about.

Inside is small, you would fit maybe thirty people max in here. There's an open kitchen, abstract paintings, black walls and a bay tree in the corner. There are also silver coloured domes, hiding a wide selection of tasty treasures.

Upon writing this, I have visited Khushi three times. I only discovered it last month..! That says a lot for the quality of the food here. I maybe biased as it's exactly the same dishes I grew up eating (plus don't tell my mum but it's just as good, if not  teensy bit better than hers), so there's nostalgic bonus points for them.

The authentic Pakistani dishes range from chicken karahi, tarka dahl, pilau rice, masala fish (INCREDIBLE), saag aloo, koftas and naan, plus salads, dip and the ultimate comfort pudding sawayan which consists of vermicelli, milk, cardamon and nuts. It's a wonderful experience, a definite hug for your tummy.
Plus you can eat as much as you want for only £7.85!

Khushi means happy! My tummy was definitely that after this plate of delicious-ness

The food is ridiculously delicious, sure there is no atmosphere to write home about as your fellow diners will either be clique-ey Asian's or noisy, ruddy cheeked Yorkshire folk but as long as you know this you will be ok! Go in, grab a plate, take your pick of their fine selection, eat to your hearts content, pay and leave. No waiting, no messing about. It's even open 'til 12 so you could come after the pub! Go check them out, I'll probably see you there.

Food 10/10
Service 8/10
Value 10/10