Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Last I went to Tropeiro with my capoeira friends for our christmas meal.
The decor was very elegant and modern, lots of wood furnishings, a rotisserie grill and a massive window showing a great view of leopold square. It was pretty busy for a tuesday night and the crowd was very international and featured people of all ages.

We'd all pre-ordered which was probably for the best considering there was over 20 of us! I chose Lasagna de legumes e farofa (Roasted Veg lasagne with farofa topping) which was a very good lasagne! Still have no idea what farofa is though. My strawberry caipirinha was good, a little eye-wincing-ly sour.

You get these little cards on your table, one side is green and says sim por favour (yes please) the other is red and says nao obrigado (no thanks) in Portuguese. The idea is you flip over to the green side whenever you are ready for the staff to come over with their massive skewers of meat, hot from the rotisserie and slice you a chunk off. Although people still brought over meat even if your card was red. People ate a LOT of meat.

They also have a pretty spectacular unlimited "side and salad" bar where you can get fejouada, fish and coconut stew, rice, chips, bread and loads of different salads. I ended up getting two plates of rice with fish stew and salad! As well as my lasagne! Yep I know how to get my moneys worth.
They'd discounted the price for us considering there were so many so my veggie option and unlimited visits to the salad bar were just over 11 quid, the meat lovers paid a fiver more I think and had the choice of 10 different cuts of meat, including chicken heart.

The staff were so friendly and nice, they spoke portugese and chatted with us individually, lovely!
I finished my epic meal with a delicious brazilian egg flan and slices of hot cinnamon caramelized pineapple from the rotisserie.

Overall great place, even for a chain! I'll definitely come again with a group!

Food - 9/10
Value - 9/10
Service - 10/10

Saturday, 8 December 2012

My festive questions and answers as featured on Nibbly Pig!

I was asked a few questions recently by Ros - Nibbly Pig - She is doing a different foodie for the 24 days leading up to Christmas, such a great idea! Here's my answers anyway I thought I'd post them on here too, and she didn't mind so here you go! Thanks Ros!

Komal is a local chef well known for her cake creations at Fusion Organic Cafe on Arundel Street. Her baking often combines spices and delicious flavour combination, such as spiced banana cake and pear and marsala chai muffins. As well as being an accomplished chef, Komal writes a food blog called ‘The Girl Who Ate the World’.

What are your Christmas traditions?
On the lead up to Christmas I’m working hard as that’s the busiest time for chefs. On Christmas day I like to relax with my family, although I’m usually cooking the food but I don’t mind. It’s a lot more laid back than at work! I enjoy spending time with my loved ones and the exchanging of gifts, and watching the snowman on TV that always makes me feel happy and warm.
What food or food related gift would you like for Christmas?
I like big fat medjool dates, they make a great gift. Food related would be a cookbook. I’m a fan of Ottelenghi, Nigel Slater, Sam Clarke. Sally Butcher and Madhur Jaffrey.
What is your best tip for Christmas food shopping?
Go to small independent stores. I love Zeds, Beanies and In a Nutshell.
What are you planning to eat on Christmas Day this year?
My sisters loved my nut roast-stuffed portabellos last year so probably those again. I made a great chestnut chocolate torte sprinkled with pomegranate that went down pretty well. I love cooking as many different sides as I can fit in the oven/hob. Mashed potato & swede. Honey roast carrots and parsnips, herby Yorkshire puds, onion gravy and of course a lemon roast chicken for the family.
Tell us any cheats you have for calm Christmas cooking.
Prepare as much as possible in advance. Ask enough people to help but not too many so that you are squashed like sardines.
What’s your favourite Christmas tipple?
I don’t drink anymore but I was fond of mulled wine
How do you use Christmas leftovers?
My dad loves his chicken mayo sandwiches but there isn’t much left of the other food as we eat at about 1pm, and then nibble on whatever is left as the day goes on.
What do you cook on Boxing Day?
Usually a bit cooked-out by then. On New Year’s Day we go to my aunt’s house and she makes a big feast with traditional Pakistani food. Dhal, pilau rice, chicken curry, aloo gobi and parathas.
Have you ever had a bad Christmas dinner?
Not on the actual day but I’ve had some pretty poor Christmas dinners at pubs, etc.
What was your childhood Christmas dinner?
Veggie sausages with the same sides everyone else had, so mash, Yorkshire’s, fried mushrooms, parsnips, boiled broccoli & caulis all drowned in Bisto gravy. I still have a soft spot for Bisto.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Zerboni Taste Restaurant Review

I spent most of the morning wandering around the cemetary in the bitter cold, posing amongst frosted leaves and curly trees. Having a camera pointed at you for an hour whilst you try and get over your awkward shyness sure does increase your appetite..well probably just mine actually if models are anything to go by... but anyway, Taste on ecclesall road was where me and my friend and photographer Alan decided to stop for some post-photoshoot lunch.

I don't often eat out around hunters bar to be honest, I tend to stick with my trusted and safe London road. So trying somewhere totally new was exciting.
Taste is a small Italian restaurant next to everyone's favourite hangover sandwich shop Woody's. Upon entering you are presented with a very orange interior and lots of very tall and very tasty looking panettone and pandoro on display. The friendly staff are down to earth and the clientelle are your typical Ecclesall road folk - students mainly, plus some older rich types, the kind you'll see sitting outside nonna's on a Friday night.

We both ordered the "vegitalian" breakfast at £6.10 a pop, I chose caramel redbush teapigs tea to wash it down.
After a few moments looking over the photo's our food was brought to our table. My first thought was "that's a lot of runny stuff" but I had bread for mopping which had been drizzled with delicious olive oil. the spinach was perfectly cooked, garlicky and gorgeous. The mushrooms were lovely and the egg and beans were great. The star of the show was the Scarmoza!!! (mature smoked mozzarella)
Now that is what I'm talking about! Gooey, melted, smokey cheese that will give halloumi a run for its money for the prize of best cheese ever.
I am in love with this cheese.
I got Alan to take a picture of the meal in all it's delicious glory and he took this wonderful one.

Vegitalian at Taste- Photo credit

Hands down best breakfast I've had in Sheffield. Kind of pissed off I have only just discovered Scarmoza but there you go. Does anyone know if you can buy this anywhere?

Food - 10/10
Service - 10/10
Value - 9/10