Sunday, 21 October 2012

Frozen Yoghurt and Bubble Tea!

I'm always keen to try new foods and although frozen yoghurt and bubble tea are not new to me personally, they are new to Sheffield.
So..they are kind of new foods then and that meant I had to try them for research purposes and to compare them to the masses of froyo and bubble tea I had in Toronto recently!

Natural flavour froyo from Flurt topped with #brownies and berries

 This was  delicious and almost healthy, a great pick me up on a rainy day. My one request would be to expand and get more seats! And open late!- Flurt - near the peace gardens

Taro milk tea with various jelly
I went for half sugar in my tea. This made me realise just how much sugar they must use in Canada! It was good but I'll go for 30% less sugar instead of half next time. I loved the texture of the jelly and all the different flavours and toppings that were available. - LOL, west one.

Hooray for new foods!
Other things I'd welcome are hong kong style egg waffle, gourmet food trucks, raclette, churros and an all night cafe!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Tassili North African Restaurant Review

London road has such an abundance of fantastic restaurants that it's getting more and more difficult to decide on somewhere to go for dinner!
Tassili has made this decision even harder.
I went with my father and little sister on a friday night and was glad we booked as it was full.

The decor is warm and welcoming with Arabian style rugs completely covering the walls, plus material draped from the ceiling and an open plan kitchen.
Laid upon our table was free bread and olives, which were very good.
Authentic pottery adds to the experience and makes you feel like you've stepped through the door straight into Africa.

I'll admit that I wasn't that excited about eating here as 90% of African cuisine that I've sampled hasn't exactly been my favourite. That includes food I had on my travels in Africa.

I was, however pleasantly surprised as I enjoyed it very much.
The Pineapple and mango punch was zingy and fresh with a kick from the ginger. They do not have an alcohol license and you can't bring your own but when you don't drink, like myself that's not a problem.

I had stuffed aubergines from the specials board alongside some potatoes with aioli and a side of hummus. The others had tagine and some very tender squid.
The hummus was garlicky, the potatoes had unfortunately lost their aioli but were still tasty and rich with olive oil.

The aubergine was silky, charred and gorgeous with a flavourful filling.
One thing that burst the Africa fantasy was the nasty black pepper - ground to grey dust, with an aroma of an old piano.

Overall the food was lovely. Just ignore the pepper and you'll be fine. Oh and the toilets are wonderful!

Food - 8
Service - 9
Value - 8

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Steel City Cakes

I've cycled past here every day and glanced inside to see how their progress was coming along. When I returned from Toronto, the place was finished!
My curiosity got the better of me and I decided to investigate further. The inside is spacious and they serve hot drinks as well as a wide variety of interesting and enticing cakes such as dandelion and burdock and caramelised pear. They also open til 8pm every day! Awesome news for those of us whose idea of a great night out doesn't revolve around booze.

After chatting with the owner a bit I found that he is hoping to open even later, like 11 and he's also interested in having an outdoors area too. He's so friendly and chatty, he even told me that they had an experimental full English breakfast cupcake complete with bacon and sausages! Next the only reasonable option would be of course, to try some cake (all in the name of research for the blog of course, the things I do for you guys..)
I went for a rather decadent looking caramelised pear layer cake. I got a massive wedge with a nice cup of earl grey to wash it down.
It was very delicious, moist, sweet with a slightly tangy frosting. I didn't need dinner after that generous portion either and at £1.90 a slice you'd be pushed to find better value elsewhere. Also they have an offer at the moment where you can buy any hot drink and cake for £3!

The following day I returned with my camera and my mum. this time I chose dandelion and burdock cupcake and she had the lemon layer cake. My cupcake did indeed taste like dandelion and burdock. A stolen taster of my mum's was sweet and creamy with a subtle tang.
The thing I love about this place is that although they make so many cakes, they still have that home made flavour and you can taste the love. The thing I don't love is that it's two minutes from my house!

I'm glad Sheffield is catching onto the late night opening scene. I've seen a few adverts of late opening milkshake and lounge bars, plus the rude shipyard opens late Thursdays as does tamper coffee occasionally.

Does anyone else know of any other late opening places that don't involve alcohol? Let me know!
Thanks for reading.