Q. What are you favourite places to eat in Sheffield?
A.There are so many, London road is my favourite area of Sheffield for the variety of different food, here are my top three.
  • Yama sushi for the best sushi, perfect for romantic dates. You must try the soft shell crab tempura!
  • The rude shipyard for its quirkyness and lovely people that worked and visit there, they have great pies and cakes, the guinness cake is what they are well known for and is wonderful.
  • Noodle inn has the most authentic Chinese food I've had in Sheffield, plus huge portions.

Q. How long have you been cooking?
A. I made my first chocolate cornflake buns when I was 6 and have photo evidence somewhere for this, I continued to dabble in bakery and other simple recipes through my childhood. I've been cooking professionally for 9 years

Q. Komal is an interesting name, where is it from?
A. It's Urdu, it means delicate. My mum is Pakistani and my father was a gypsy but I don't know where from exactly...explains my love of travel.