About Me

I am very enthusiastic about food and frequently participate in food related activities in my spare time, including reading cookbooks, watching food programmes and documentaries and writing a food blog. Much of my writing and recipes have been featured in local magazines and websites such as love sheffield and now then.

I have been interested in cooking ever since I can remember. My mother would sit me down “podding” peas from three or four years old, I was cooking pancakes by six. It wasn’t until a few years later when I was around twelve years old that I perfected my recipe for a simple sponge cake. I became the first call for friends and family, who would request birthday cakes from me, and to this day, I still use the same recipe.

I started Sheffield's first "at home" supper club! This was very popular and although it has been quiet, I'm hoping to start it up again in the future.

I've worked in kitchens now for 15 years (started at 16) and loved every minute of it. The most challenging experience was at the Park Lane in London making canapes for 500 people which I did through college where I obtained my professional chefs diploma.

At the moment I work as a catering tutors assistant at a college for young adults with learning difficulties. It's pretty much my dream job and so rewarding. I love sharing my passion with others. I also work at a Mediterranean/ Turkish restaurant which I'm enjoying.
I love to travel and eat the local cuisine. Tea poached eggs in Xi'an, froyo in Toronto, skyr in Iceland, tortilla in Barcelona, saganaki cheese is Athens, lobster roll in Rhode Island, tagine in Marrakesh and much more!

I love food whether its eating it, reading about it, cooking it or talking about it and thats why I write my blog so I can share my love of food with others.