Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Little Hanoi Restaurant Review

I was really excited to be taking my mum out for dinner and fancied a change so we headed down to the relatively new Little Hanoi. I'm a big fan of Wasabi Sabi and seeing as this is their sister restaurant, the expectations were high. Inside, the décor is really elegant; dark wooden tables, beautiful paper lanterns and paintings. Little touches such as china white and blue painted plates and chopstick holders. It was quiet for a midweek dinner, other diners were a family and two couples.
The menu features a range of Vietnamese dishes, some of them new to me including crunchy papaya salad, Saigon pancake and coconut stews.

We decided on a mango salad to share and I opted for a coconut aubergine and tofu stew, whilst my mum chose sautéed scallops with asparagus. Our salad arrived first and there was a great big mound of it, sweet, sour and spicy vegetables and mango combined with chopped peanuts, mint basil and coriander. Next was the coconut curry which was delicious with hints of lemongrass. A little lime juice would have been beautiful, just to lift it slightly as it was very rich. My mum's scallops were tender and well cooked with the al dente asparagus.

I'm pretty full by this point but my mum wants to order more so she asks one of the friendly waiters for a honey coconut roast chicken. I sneak a taste and It's delicious. Crispy and charred with a subtle sweetness. I couldn't detect any coconut though. The accompanying pickled carrot, mooli and chilli sauce all compliment the dish nicely.

To finish we are given a free small portion of melon which is refreshing and tasty. Total bill came to just over £36.

I'll definitely be back, it's a great addition to the London road restaurant collection.

Food 8/10
Service 10/10
Value 7.5/10

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