Monday, 18 November 2013

Fancie's Veggie Curry Supper Club - Review

My stomach was grumbling. In preparation for Fancie's seven course feast I'd eaten what I intended to be a small amount but still probably more than most people eat. Anyway it did the trick and I was actually hungry - a rare feeling for me.
An exciting evening was planned. First Fancie's supper club and then off to see Chuck Palaniuk - one of my favorite writers - presenting his new graphic novel at the showroom.
I was invited to dine via Twitter and after telling them about my restricted diet they reassured me that it would be fine.

I notice personalized name tags on the bottles on our table that were a nice touch. Inside feels half like a cafe and half like someone's amazing kitchen, very intimate and cosy with exposed brick walls and cookbooks that add character. The staff are really friendly too.

Me and my friend Dave discussed the origin of macanese and chatted for a few minutes. I love the exposed wooden walls and candles, little touches like this really create a warm atmosphere.
It did feel odd not choosing from a menu and just waiting for your food, also kind of exciting.
Twenty minutes later the first course came and after seeing the samosa, I checked that they got it written down that I don't eat wheat or dairy but unfortunately they didn't get the message.
The problem was however, very quickly rectified and I was brought a new plate within a few minutes. It was lightly spiced and tasty.

Next was the popadoms with biryani which was more spicy than the last course. The almond added a nice texture. I liked the popadoms, which were made with gram flour. My friend commented that he usually gets sauce with biryani, having never had one before that night, I wouldn't know about sauce anyway.

Following that was a watermelon Thai curry which was unusual but I absolutely loved it. The coconut on top is great and the sauce was delicious. My friend who spent time in Thailand said it's very authentic. Altogether that was my favourite dish of the night.

Tagine was next and was very sweet with cinnamon and plump raisins balanced by the savoury olives, the accompanying salad was crisp and fresh.

Nepalese chickpea and goats curd was the next course. It wasn't as flavorful as the previous ones and they'd added goats cheese which I can't eat but my friend gladly takes off my hands. It would have benefited from some acidity. Perhaps the goats cheese provided that.

 The last curry was very spicy and perfumed. Really delicious and I love the cabbage and star anise. Everyone around was sweating and downing their water.

 I'm very impressed the chef managed to adapt the menu and prepare something for me at such short notice.
Pudding was a meringue with lime and blueberry. It was really light and finished my meal perfectly.   I had nothing to worry about in regards to eating too much. I was pleasantly full but not bloated.

 Overall a great atmosphere and delicious food. Easy to see why the chef won young chef of the year with inventive dishes like these!

Food - 8/10
Service - 10/10
Value - 8/10


jwt said...

What's mecanese mean? I could Google it but its more pleasant to ask

jwt said...

What's mecanese mean? I could Google it but its nicer to ask. :-)