Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Natural Balance Food - Nakd Bars and Raisins Review

I got an email recently from Natural Balance Foods asking if they could send me some natural bars to try in return for a review on my blog. Being a huge fan of the nakd bars anyway I wasn't going to say no.
A few days later my parcel arrived and I had no idea what it was because I'd forgotten all about it but then I realised and got really excited when I saw the box full of 18 different nakd products!

I had my favourite - the cocoa orange, first. They are lovely: orangey at first then you chew the nougat-ey textured bar and the chocolate fruity flavour is released. It's so satisfying I nearly think to put the box away and try something else later but I had to try these cola raisins as I was intrigued.

Upon opening the packet you are greeted with the exact smell of rum and coke! When I tasted it, however it was reminiscent of those fizzy cola bottle shaped sweets you got in a 10p bag that would be covered in sugar. They are tangy and sweet so I'm surprised when I read the back and discover no added sugar.

I love these bars as I'm a fan of healthy food that tastes awesome. The site is great because they charge less than how much you usually see them for in the shop which is 99p each. That box would be £13 and you don't have to leave the house. Although it is good to leave the house sometimes.

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