Thursday, 6 June 2013

Nosh night street food market

A week or so ago, Nosh had their third night street food market. It was the first one I've attended and here's what I thought.
The evening was held at the old Sharrow junior school, a familiar location to me as I've attended numerous clothes swaps, life drawing and and choir practises there.
All the food stalls were situated in the playground area outside and to be honest the temperature wasn't ideal, it was freezing! It seemed I wasn't the only one who failed to dress appropriately for the occasion as the other market goers -all of a similar age to myself, a lot of them trendy hipster types- were shivering away themselves, huddled together drinking real ale and clutching hot dogs and pad Thais.

I spotted Chinampas, who were recently featured in the guardian and had a little chat. I can't wait to see her at the summer nether edge market and sip at a cooling horchata.

After some indecisiveness about which cocktail to go for at the tamper stall, Adrian recommended an espresso martini, which was apparently invented when a model asked a barman for something to perk her up and fuck her up! I was advised not to have more than three, and having work tomorrow I agreed that would probably be a good idea. Pretty much all the spirits you see in the picture were shaken with ice and fresh espresso before being topped with three coffee beans. The result was delicious, not that alcoholic tasting and warmed me up nicely. In fact I enjoyed it so much that when, a couple of nights later, Adrian had the same bar at my local, the Cremorne, I had three more!

Once I'd finished munching a couple of spicy tacos from Street Food Chef and listening to the beautiful vocal skills of a curly haired girl whose name I failed to catch I decided it was time for some cake.
I opted for a fruity flapjack and my boyfriend had a chocolate cupcake. The flapjack was definitely in my top three flapjacks ever eaten and the cupcake was moist and not too sweet.

A wander around inside the art stalls inside offered a nice change of scenery and some warmth. I may or may not have seen a stall selling bacon jam. Upon exiting the warmth of indoors and stepping back outside I remembered how cold it was and called it a night.

All in all it was a fun evening, hopefully it will be warmer for the next one!

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CNCLINK said...

Thanks for visiting our CupcakeTime stall and glad you enjoyed your FlapJack and Choc cupcake.
You also mentioned Bacon Jam...A friend of ours Simon at The Hedgerow Preserving Company makes this locally and sells it at Nether Edge and Sharrowvale Markets or thru Porter Brook Deli on Sharrowvale. Enjoy :)