Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Zerboni Taste Restaurant Review

I spent most of the morning wandering around the cemetary in the bitter cold, posing amongst frosted leaves and curly trees. Having a camera pointed at you for an hour whilst you try and get over your awkward shyness sure does increase your appetite..well probably just mine actually if models are anything to go by... but anyway, Taste on ecclesall road was where me and my friend and photographer Alan decided to stop for some post-photoshoot lunch.

I don't often eat out around hunters bar to be honest, I tend to stick with my trusted and safe London road. So trying somewhere totally new was exciting.
Taste is a small Italian restaurant next to everyone's favourite hangover sandwich shop Woody's. Upon entering you are presented with a very orange interior and lots of very tall and very tasty looking panettone and pandoro on display. The friendly staff are down to earth and the clientelle are your typical Ecclesall road folk - students mainly, plus some older rich types, the kind you'll see sitting outside nonna's on a Friday night.

We both ordered the "vegitalian" breakfast at £6.10 a pop, I chose caramel redbush teapigs tea to wash it down.
After a few moments looking over the photo's our food was brought to our table. My first thought was "that's a lot of runny stuff" but I had bread for mopping which had been drizzled with delicious olive oil. the spinach was perfectly cooked, garlicky and gorgeous. The mushrooms were lovely and the egg and beans were great. The star of the show was the Scarmoza!!! (mature smoked mozzarella)
Now that is what I'm talking about! Gooey, melted, smokey cheese that will give halloumi a run for its money for the prize of best cheese ever.
I am in love with this cheese.
I got Alan to take a picture of the meal in all it's delicious glory and he took this wonderful one.

Vegitalian at Taste- Photo credit

Hands down best breakfast I've had in Sheffield. Kind of pissed off I have only just discovered Scarmoza but there you go. Does anyone know if you can buy this anywhere?

Food - 10/10
Service - 10/10
Value - 9/10


Sarah said...

Sounds delish. I need to try this cheese!

Anonymous said...

Taste does a whole load of great breakfasts. I seem to remember having something very nice with eggs/salmon at some point.

And you definitely need to use google more... Scamorza comes smoked and unsmoked and can be used as an alternative to mozzarella.

sweet-komal said...

hey thanks for the link, but luckily for me the owner of zerboni's has messaged me saying he will sell some to me, very kind.

Hounddogman said...

I have eaten at Taste three times. The first time (a Saturday evening) I had pasta with lamb ragu: it was largely tasteless (the pasta overcooked) other than a lingering aftertaste of rancid lamb fat. A second time I dropped in with my partner for lunch as they do a prix fixe and we were in the area, I ordered 'cotechino with lentils' (an Italian classic), what I got was a green watery sludge with three or four thin slices of very low quality sausage in it and a handful of dirty bruised 'salad'. On both occasions service was very slow. I wouldn't have ever gone again but I happened to by passing by one lunch time when it was sunny and I noticed they were advertising pork belly sandwiches. 'Ah' I thought, 'you can't go wrong with porchetta'. Yes, you can, if you reheat it by frying it in dirty oil. Appalling.
I gather Marco is a talented pastrycook. Perhaps my mistake was to assume that the rest of the menu would also be executed with care. It gives me no pleasure at all to write this, Sheffield is full of bogus Italian restaurants serving a travesty of that country's cucina (I write as a long term - 15 years+ - visitor to Rome at least three times a year, an Italian speaker who shuns the places where they have the menu in English) and I had hoped a real Italian would do better than that.

Simon said...

Hi, I got some scamorza for Christmas, my wife picked it up from the deli in Carluccio's in Meadowhall.

Komal said...

So sad it's closed down! Anywhere else I can get my italian breakfast fix?