Sunday, 18 November 2012

Budget Christmas Gifts For Foodies

Look at this lovely selection of goodies...

You would probably believe me if I told you they were from those wonderful, yet a tad overpriced continental Christmas markets that grace our city centre at this time of year.
However these bargain buys were from Lidl! The total cost of all five items came to just over a tenner, not bad at all for small gifts for friends, colleagues or as stocking fillers.
Why not make a hamper for someone special? Easy enough to do - just use a cardboard box, wrap it in festive paper and fill with goodies. Much kinder on the bank balance then splashing out on Waitrose finest organic hampers, plus you can personalise it according to your friends taste!

These gorgeous praline filled gold chocolate hearts would make a perfect stocking filler for your special someone. £2.49

  I love the packaging of this extra virgin olive oil from Portugal. When you've used all the oil, it would make a great piece of decor on your kitchen shelves. An absolute bargain at £2.49

These gingerbread rounds are so good! I've bought these from the Christmas markets in Sheffield and Manchester as I love them that much, and at 89p you could buy a pack just for yourself!

 Some lovely porcini terrine here. Always welcome in any larder or cupboard. I like it in an omelette, spread on toast or scooped up with crudites. They had an incredibly cheap selection of 6 different pates in a set for only £3.49....This single jar was £1.99

Lovely proper cherries soaked in Kirsch. Perfect sandwiched between chocolate cake and finished with lashings of cream and chocolate shavings for black forest gateaux. Or spooned onto ice cream or as a sneaky treat straight from the jar £2.49

Total cost of all items £10.38! Treat your food loving friends.


Chef Rico said...

Right that's Christmas sorted. What a lovely rug you have.

sweet-komal said...

ha thanks that's actually a cushion but i do have a lovely rug too, from africa!

Emma @ Bake Sew Grow said...

I love this, such a great idea!