Saturday, 20 October 2012

Tassili North African Restaurant Review

London road has such an abundance of fantastic restaurants that it's getting more and more difficult to decide on somewhere to go for dinner!
Tassili has made this decision even harder.
I went with my father and little sister on a friday night and was glad we booked as it was full.

The decor is warm and welcoming with Arabian style rugs completely covering the walls, plus material draped from the ceiling and an open plan kitchen.
Laid upon our table was free bread and olives, which were very good.
Authentic pottery adds to the experience and makes you feel like you've stepped through the door straight into Africa.

I'll admit that I wasn't that excited about eating here as 90% of African cuisine that I've sampled hasn't exactly been my favourite. That includes food I had on my travels in Africa.

I was, however pleasantly surprised as I enjoyed it very much.
The Pineapple and mango punch was zingy and fresh with a kick from the ginger. They do not have an alcohol license and you can't bring your own but when you don't drink, like myself that's not a problem.

I had stuffed aubergines from the specials board alongside some potatoes with aioli and a side of hummus. The others had tagine and some very tender squid.
The hummus was garlicky, the potatoes had unfortunately lost their aioli but were still tasty and rich with olive oil.

The aubergine was silky, charred and gorgeous with a flavourful filling.
One thing that burst the Africa fantasy was the nasty black pepper - ground to grey dust, with an aroma of an old piano.

Overall the food was lovely. Just ignore the pepper and you'll be fine. Oh and the toilets are wonderful!

Food - 8
Service - 9
Value - 8

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John the Lawyer said...

Just to add that the squid side dish was mouth wateringly tender!