Sunday, 21 October 2012

Frozen Yoghurt and Bubble Tea!

I'm always keen to try new foods and although frozen yoghurt and bubble tea are not new to me personally, they are new to Sheffield.
So..they are kind of new foods then and that meant I had to try them for research purposes and to compare them to the masses of froyo and bubble tea I had in Toronto recently!

Natural flavour froyo from Flurt topped with #brownies and berries

 This was  delicious and almost healthy, a great pick me up on a rainy day. My one request would be to expand and get more seats! And open late!- Flurt - near the peace gardens

Taro milk tea with various jelly
I went for half sugar in my tea. This made me realise just how much sugar they must use in Canada! It was good but I'll go for 30% less sugar instead of half next time. I loved the texture of the jelly and all the different flavours and toppings that were available. - LOL, west one.

Hooray for new foods!
Other things I'd welcome are hong kong style egg waffle, gourmet food trucks, raclette, churros and an all night cafe!

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Sarah said...

Thanks for this! I never knew you could get bubble tea in Sheffield, I always wait for my trips to London! Will be checking this out ASAP! (P.S...Found your blog from a link on the Fancie FB page).