Thursday, 16 August 2012

La Patisserie Review

I was celebrating my being able to enjoy dairy and wheat without side effects.
Can you think of a more fitting way of doing so that didn't involve chocolate raspberry cream torte?
No, me neither.

Beautiful dessert, the filling was soft as butter, the tart raspberries cutting through the intense rich cocoa pillow and creating a party in my mouth. My aunts baileys cheesecake was ridiculously good, creamy and satisfying.

Great cakes, elegant surroundings, nice outside seating. Definitely going to visit again and again.

Food - 9
Service -8
Value - 7


Lester Fontayne said...
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Lester Fontayne said...

I'm guessing these were around the £4 mark - maybe less? You are blessed... I wish I knew where to find 10/10 patisserie for three quid. ;o)