Thursday, 16 August 2012

Italian Kitchen Review

I'd bought a voucher off Livingsocial for Italian Kitchen and noticed that I only had one day left to use it so booked a table for two, my aunt being my guest for the day.

Italian kitchen, Sheffield

 I'd recently visited Italy, specifically Tuscany, Pisa, Florence and Livorno. It is a stunning place but unfortunately, just before I left my doctor told me that he thought I may be a caeliac so he did some blood tests and told me to avoid wheat. This combined with my long term lactose intolerance didn't really give me many choices when faced with classic Italian cuisine. Once I returned home and had to call the doctor myself to find out I had the all clear, I was relieved but also a little pissed off that I'd missed out on so much amazing pasta and pizza!
I decided to go and eat some wheat, and while I was at it, I was going to eat some dairy too and see what happened!

Hence my decision to order the roast vegetable and goats cheese pizza. It was huge, it smelt divine and god damn it was worth the wait. I didn't care if I had any reaction, it was just heavenly. Proper stone baked flavour to the crust and a rich garlic sauce topped with creamy goats cheese and griddled veggies.

My aunts seafood pasta looked good too and she very much enjoyed it and trust me, she is a tough critic. The only critique I have is that the salad portion was a little small, as you can see in the picture above.

The venue is cosy and rather dark, even in daytime, didn't bother me however. There is a cake stand displaying cheesecake, carrot cake, a lemony looking one and another creamy one. We skip on the cake though and decide to visit La Patisserie down the road.

All in all, fantastic pizza. Well worth a visit.

Oh and I had no ill effects after eating the dairy! Next stop - ice cream!

 Food - 9
Service - 9
Value - 7

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