Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Thai Punna Review

It's not often I go out for Thai food, mainly because Chinese is my favourite cuisine from east Asia. A few nights ago I fancied a change though and as I cycled past Thai Punna, I realised I'd not yet sampled their food so I decided to pay them a visit.

It was just gone half six and as I walked through the door, I noticed the chef's were sat down. Once I entered though, they all sprung to life and gave me an enthusiastic greeting. As there were no other customers inside, I'm guessing they were passing the time by watching the folk of London road, going about their lives.

I was shown to my seat, declined the obligatory prawn crackers and treated myself to a coconut, orange and peach cocktail which was creamy, tangy and thirst quenching. Just what I needed after a hard days work.

I went for Tao hu pat (that's stir fried tofu to me and thee), accompanied by "healthy brown and jasmine rice".
As I waited for my food I took in the elegant surroundings, modern with deep red walls and wooden floors with beautiful crafted elephants and buddha's decorating the place and adding character.

My crisp shirted and charming waiter glided over with the food, and apologised for the, what must have been around seven minutes wait.
The mound of sticky, two toned rice had the distinctive jasmine aroma with a woody background, it tasted comfortingly bland with a satisfying chewy-ness.

A light aroma of lemongrass and coriander from the tofu dish enticed me to dig in. It tasted rather mild. I was expecting a more full on flavour, so was a little disappointed. At least the vegetables were still crunchy. Really though, when I eat Thai food, I want it to be so fantastic that upon looking at me it becomes obvious that this is the real deal, due to my profuse sweating and panting, whilst simultaneously sporting a very content look on my face.

About half way into my meal I received dining companions in the shape of a rather miserable couple who found nothing better to talk about than complain to each other about the traditional Thai music playing over the speakers, and stated that "there is nothing worse".They must never watch the news then...

The bill came to around £11 and I got a free piece of Thai candy.

Food - 6.5/10
Service - 10/10
Value - 7/10

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Devils Den said...

I love jasmin rice and tufo! I eat them everytime I'm in Bangkok for my yearly Thai travel.:)