Friday, 30 March 2012

More details about Cake for Charity!

The plan is to have five separate cake auctions, using eBay, starting on the 18th of april with one being held every week until the 16th of may. Each auction will be raising money for a selected charity. A quick summary of the charity will be added alongside the details for the cake. There will be three different varieties of cakes for the winner to choose from and will be freshly baked by myself the day after the auction has finished. The cake then belongs to the winner,who will feel satisfied from their good deed and then satisfied again once they have enjoyed the cake.

I also have sponsor pages set up, separately from the auctions so that people can donate that way if they wish. I wanted the money made from each cake sold to be split between five charities but eBay and justgiving only let you select one charity to donate from each time so I had to do it this way, on the plus side you can also decide which charity you would like to support.
Click on the £ for the JustGiving pages where you can donate.

  1. The hunger project will be the first charity chosen and the auction will be held on the 18th of april. £
  2. 25th april is against malaria day. So the second cake will be to raise money for the Malaria no more charity on this date. £
  3. Sheffield cats shelter is the third charity I'm choosing and the auction will be held on the 2nd of  may. £
  4. Save the children is the fourth,  this auction will be on the 9th may. £
  5. The fifth and final charity is Water for africa and will be on the 16th May. £
Ebay listing details will be posted nearer to the dates. Please click "join this site" to the right of the page if you want to receive updates, or just check back often or keep in touch via twitter.

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