Thursday, 10 March 2011

Braised aubergines szechuan stylee recipe.

Hello everyone. I have just returned from Morocco and remembered this dish I cooked which I meant to put up before I left. The recipe is from Gordon Ramseys "Healthy Appetite" book.

I seldom follow recipes step by step, instead I usually glance over the recipe, using it as a guideline so to speak.
This time as it was a dish I ate a lot of in China and never having cooked anything like it before I followed the instructions carefully.
The result was silky, almost meaty like aubergines and very similar to what I was looking for.
I also added some Chinese five spice and instead of toasted sesame seeds I sprinkled on furikake.


Feel What's Real said...

I don't really like weird foods..but the last plate looks delicious!!


Anonymous said...

If you like Sichuan food you should get a copy of Fuschia Dunlop's book "Sichuan Cookery". It is amazingly good and she describes everything really well.