Saturday, 3 July 2010

The Bohemian Review

This review is from when I visited about a month ago and didn't have time to write

I have to add that I worked there about 2 years ago and it had its ups and downs and I was made redundant before Christmas as they weren't making enough money to keep me there.

I had no food in the house so decided to stroll down the road to the bohemian.
Its a nice little place, very bohemian style with huge chalkboards with the specials and a nice looking cake stand.

The waitress was friendly and polite and I had a quick chat with the chef before ordering my food along with a hot chocolate which was very sweet but OK.

The menu is mainly vegetarian with vegan and fish options and only recently they started doing meat as well, I'm guessing because there isn't enough vegetarians in meersbrook to keep their business alive.

Its warm outside so I go for calamari and deep fried brie with cranberry dip.
They arrive along with free falafel and some salad on a plate, theres a lot of it and I dig in.
The brie is nice enough, crispy and mild with the sweet dip.
The calamari tastes shop bought which makes me think the brie may also be shop bought but they are still tasty, not amazing but good.
The falafel is good but could do with a bit more spice which surprises me as the owners are Asian and have cooked many delicious spicy foods but they weren't there tonight as they are building a orphanage in Pakistan at the moment, according to Jeff the chef.

I would have liked a glass of wine but they don't serve it, its bring your own though so go prepared unlike me.

Maybe I made a bad choice and just happened to pick the items that didn't taste very home made, maybe I should have gone for the three cheese gnocchi or veggie lasagna or sole fillets but it was hot outside and I wanted food you could pick at.

The desserts look good and vary from sticky toffee pudding to cheesecake to chocolaty slices. I go for a chocolate and fruit nut slice and its very big again.
I didn't finish my main course so I have a few bites of the very hard slice and take the rest home.

Sorry for the bad photo

The whole meal came to £10.


Anonymous said...

'Not enough vegetarians in Meersbrook'?!

Don't make me laugh.

R x

sweet-komal said...

Ha yes, perhaps they have lost interest in the bohemian then..

Summer said...

As if you came when I wasn't working!
I believe both the calamari and brie are homemade, as i've watched tom slave away making them aha.
lovely blog by the way

Anonymous said...
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sweet-komal said...
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