Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Pizza Hut Review

Ok I know, I know but I have a weakness for pizza hut. Its the only junk food I like probably due to all the family meals there when I was younger and then starting off my cooking career working there at an early age.

Anyway I thought I'd head down for some lunch to see if it was still tasty.
We choose the buffet bar which includes pizza, pasta and salads and its £6.50ish

Theres 8 pizzas to choose from and since I'm not really into meat at the moment I go for the vegetarian deep pan pizza. Being a massive fan of cheesy pasta I add a scoop of their 'four cheese vegetable pasta' to my plate as well as a few tasty salads, jalapenos and extra cheese for the pasta. I'm impressed with the salad selection!

I sit down and eat the pizza which was not too bad, not as good as I remember but still nice. I eat some of the potato salad which is lovely as all potato salad, no complaints there.

Then I go for some of the cheesy pasta...oh my!!!! Its delicious! I love this pasta, its very very moreish and probably very not good for you but I can't stop eating it.
I finish my food then help myself to some more pasta, finish that and then go back for EVEN MORE!
I know, but it really is good. It tastes homemade. You know when you get shop bought pasta and it just has that weird artificial taste? Well this doesn't at all and I'm craving it right now as I'm typing this. The peas aren't so good but the rest - amazing.

I have an apple juice to wash it down and mine and my mums food together comes to just over £16. Pretty good as you could have salad for starter then pasta or pizza for main. Or if you are like me, pile my plate with everything, then pile again with pasta, then a bit more pasta, then back to the salad bad for the apple slices and grapes to finish it off!

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