Friday, 2 April 2010

Jabulani review

I met up with my dance group in Jabulani, a new restaurant on London road.
Its African and apparently had been given a good review by the star so I was looking forward to it.
The decor was nice with a beautiful spiral staircase and a few colourful paintings.
Theres no music as the speakers are broken unfortunately.
I have a look at the menu. Theres a variety of dishes including grilled gizzards, cous cous, fufu, marinated cow insides, steamed bean cake and 'designer soup'.
We are the only customers in and theres 9 of us, its a Wednesday night.

The waitress is friendly and answers our questions about the food such as 'what is cassava?' and the chef even brings out one to show us (Its like a yam).
A few dishes on the menu are not available and some of them she even tells us not to order as they are not nice!

After much consideration I opt for fried rice with goat and plantain. We order our food at about 8 o clock and sit chatting for a while.
After about half an hour I'm getting really hungry having not eaten since lunch time, an hour passes and I'm contemplating eating my napkin.
Theres banging and lots of noises coming from the kitchen and the waitress goes in to help the chef out, I'm not sure why they didn't hire another chef as they knew we were coming as we'd booked it.
Finally our food just after 10 o clock!
Everybodys comes at different times, mine comes at about 10:30 and others are waiting even longer, some of the food doesn't arrive at all.

Theres a bowl of ogbono which is blended wild mango kennel seeds with a variety of vegetables for people to try as the person ordered it doesn't like it and I try some and it is very disgusting, slimy and brown with a strong taste of washing up liquid.
The plantain is nice as is the fried rice although it is very greasy. I have five chunks of goat in a oily sauce and I put one of them in my mouth, its very tough, it takes about a minute of chewing til I can swallow it and after all that my mouth aches. Another piece is just gristle and I have to spit it out, pretty embarrassing.
I give up on the rest of the goat and contemplate never eating meat ever again.

I try someones fufu which is cassava dough, its like smash but has the texture of wallpaper paste, it tastes of nothing and feels like glue in my mouth. The steamed bean cake turns out to be surprisingly nice tasting but I just can't eat any more because I'm no longer hungry.

The chef asks if everything is ok and gets mixed replies. He also strangely decides to offer football tickets to us which he had won in some church raffle.
We pay separately and mine was £12.99, I give the waitress £15 and tell her to keep the change. I don't see this place lasting very long at all but at least it was an interesting experience however I will not be eating there again.


Anonymous said...

I read the review by martin dawes!
I cannot believe how bad it was sounds horrible.
I love your btw.

Ann said...

hmm i have never ever tried african food!! but the animal parts sounds very yummy lol. well its an experience I guess! i am pretty ignorant..i just go to aussie, italian, chinese and vietnamese restaurants ....never i went to an african restaurant or an indian in my life. probably one day i would have to try hey :)

i have cassava plants at home. you will like it when its cooked the right way. i dont know how africans cook it but of course it will be like glue if its made that way lols. you can make a nice sweet cassava cake and its pretty good!

and i dont think i will go that restaurant after your review! lol...the waitrese told you "some food aint nice" can you sell the food like that hahaa.

anyway i got a beautiful blog award for you if you wanna pick it up by my page!

keep on reviewing! you are brutally honest! hehehe

sweet-komal said...

Thanks I'm glad you are enjoying my blog!
and ann I'm sure you could make pretty much anything taste nice including cassava as you're recipes look amazing :)

Oh you definately need to try out an indian restaurant oh try cooking some indian food its half the food I was brought up eating so I know its delicious!

and thankyou for the award ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm African and it bothers me when people call it an African resturant and just make Africa look so bad!!
My advise is... dont try African food in a restuarant, get some African friends and I'm sure they'd do the job or ask for their recomendations. The restuarant is more Western African. The only thing that is Sothern African is the boererworse - which they spell wrong. All you have to do is cook in on the bbq - it shouldnt be £12.99!!
Sothern African food is very different from Werstern food. Less fatty and more palatable to the Eauropean tast buds and stomach.
My advice... 1. get some African friends. 2. If there aren't any Africans in the restuarant's a no no.